You’re just a click away from clients
with MyAgentAssist.

SMS Connect

Potential buyers can text your unique keyword and get property information immediately available on their mobile phone.

Custom to You

Display your headshot, company logo, title and contact info with each page.

Develop Leads

Quickly captures users contact information through SMS and email. This gives you the ability to reach out directly to your potential client.

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MyAgentAssist is integrated with Google Maps to allow clients to browse for properties based on their location.


Clients easily save their favorite properties to help narrow their search and keep coming back.


Clients can easily share favorite listings with friends and family, all while keeping your contact information as the resource for more information.

Pricing Plans

Peoples Mortgage Company is proud to introduce the MyAgentAssist customized mobile app. The cost of the app is shared between the Loan Officer and the Realtor as a co-branded marketing expense. Sign riders are a realtor expense.


Your Cost:

Less than $4.99/mo

Cost to Agent: $26 every six months

Cost to LO: $26 every six months

  • Full Access to App
  • Semi-Custom Keyword

Sign Riders

Your Cost:

$14.99 a rider

Flat $15.00 Shipping

  • Order additional riders here for $14.99 a rider.


What does the keyword do?

Potential buyers can text your unique keyword and get property information immediately available on their mobile phone.

The keyword also acts as a personalized website URL if buyers want to check out details about the property on the web. As an example, if you keyword is “RonRealtor” then they’ll look at properties online at

What actually happens when potential buyers send a text to my keyword?

They get an immediate, automated text back with a link to your app where they can view complete details about that property. Your photo, contact info, and information are displayed next to the details on the property, and each additional property they view. If they decide they want to call, text, or email you, these are one-touch buttons in the app. If they click to share, your contact will remain next to any properties or other information their friends or family view.

MyAgentAssist uses Google Maps on the buyer’s phone to mark where they are and where properties for sale are. From there, the buyers can access MLS information including number of bedrooms, price, etc.

How do I send my clients to the mobile website app?

After signing up for the app, you will be given a unique URL containing your keyword. You will be able to send your clients the link via Text Message or Email. The app operates both on internet browsers and on a smart phone.

How long can my keyword be?

Your keyword can be a maximum of 12 characters.

Does MyAgentAssist work on Internet browsers?

MyAgentAssist is designed to work on mobile phones but the app also works as a web site. You can access your site by using your keyword in the MyAgentAssist URL. For example, Ron Realtor (keyword) may access his site at

Where can I go if I want more information?

You can contact your preferred Peoples Mortgage Loan Officer directly for more information.

I don’t know any loan officers from Peoples Mortgage?

Feel free to choose a loan officer on the Peoples Mortgage website.

Who built this app?

Peoples Mortgage Company had this application built as a service to help guide our mutual clients through the home buying process. The application itself was built by our friends at Flint Digital.

What’s the story on sign riders and this application?

Sign Riders are the additional signs that hang off your property’s For Sale sign. The sign rider has information about sending a text to your keyword to get more information about the property and others in the area. When someone sends that text to your keyword, they are automatically prompted to download your app.

Are the sign riders property specific?

No. This allows you to move sign riders as you wish from property to property without having to order new signs for each listing. The app is designed with option to help users visit listings nearby.

How long before my listing shows up on the app?

It can take new listings up to 24 hours after appearing in the MLS before they are active on the app. The app refreshes the MLS database daily. Because we download it daily, it loads quickly and searches are fast.

What states is MyAgentAssist currently featured in?

The app is currently running in Arizona and Utah. California and other states are coming soon.

Can I pay monthly?

Unfortunately, plans must be purchased semi-annually, but they can be cancelled in the first 60 days for a pro-rated refund.

Do you offer training for this?

Registered users can submit inquiries for additional training by contacting their Peoples Mortgage loan officer.

What happens if I get out of the business or need a refund during the time that my app is functioning?

As long as we are notified within the first 60 days of your mobile app subscription, you’ll get a pro-rated refund. Note that you can’t get a refund on the Sign Riders, they are a purchase and are not part of the subscription.

What happens if my loan officer leaves Peoples Mortgage?

It’s rare because our loan officers love working here! However, if one of our loan officers leaves Peoples Mortgage, you’ll be notified and you’ll have an option of selecting another loan officer to partner with.

Where do I register for an Orientation?

Instructions on registering for Orientation are provided in your Welcome Email once you have registered for your MyAgentAssist Mobile App. If you ever have any questions, reach out to your loan officer.